We are happy to announce that the application period to become a new YOM with the WFDYS is now open! Please contact your Youth Regional Secretariat (YRS), Regional Cooperations (RS) or us for more information and application forms!

The deadline for the new YOM applications is Wednesday, 15 April 2020.

YOM Applications now open

The WFDYS are pleased to announce that we now have 50 YOMs. We know that there are still many countries that do not have any youth association for Deaf people. If you are interested in establishing a Deaf youth association you only need to reach out to your Youth Regional Secretary or Regional Cooperations or directly to a WFDYS board member to find out more about establishing a Deaf youth association or membership. We welcome any enquiries and are happy to help and advise.

The WFDYS has a YOM membership form which is available from our Facebook and Instagram pages or email. If you have trouble completing the form please be in touch with your Youth Regional Secretary / Regional Cooperations or a WFDYS board member. We welcome your contact.

The deadline for submitting this form is 15 April 2020. Hurry and get your forms to us – there’s not much time left! Thank you.