Who can apply?

All nationally recognised Deaf Youth Associations and Deaf Youth Sections can apply to become Youth Ordinary Members of the WFDYS. The WFD structure currently consists of voting Ordinary Members (OM), which is compromised of National Associations of the Deaf of each country worldwide.


At the World Federation of the Deaf General Assembly in Madrid, Spain, in 2007, the Assembly voted to allow Youth Associations/Youth Sections the right to become YOMs of the WFDYS. This means communication will proceed directly between the WFDYS and your country’s national Deaf Youth Association or Section. After the Youth General Assembly in South Africa in 2011, WFDYS is open for the YOM applications.



Role of the Youth Ordinary Members

In becoming a YOM of the WFDYS, it means your national organisation follows the philosophy of both the WFD and WFDYS in ensuing the civil, linguistic, and human rights of all deaf people in the world. The rights include but are not limited to the following: the right to an education, equality and quality in life, and in using Sign Languages.

Membership Rights

By becoming a YOM, it entitles your Association/Section the following rights:
– Send delegates (participants/leaders) to all WFD Camps;
– Receive all information directly from the WFDYS and have direct communication access to the WFDYS;
– Voting rights at the Youth General Assembly.

Membership fees and its purpose

The annual fees for a Youth Ordinary Member are the following:

Group A (High-income economies): 100 Euros (€)
Group B (Upper-middle-income economies): 75 Euros (€)
Group C (Lower-middle-income economies): 50 Euros (€)
Group D (Low-income economies): 25 Euros (€)

We follow World Bank’s official list of World Development Report for Group A, B, C and D. Please email info@wfdys.org to confirm which group category your organisation fall under.

The YOM fees will go to the work of the WFDYS which includes the following: website, publicity, camp planning, and support of developing countries’ participation in WFD Camps.

YOM Application Form

Download the form

STEP 1: How to apply?


New YOM Application Form is now available. You can download the form here. Countries are welcome to apply. For enquiries, please email to info@wfdys.org 

STEP 2: OM Verification Form

The verification form is to be filled with name of youth association or section, but signed by OM. The point is to make sure about national status of your association/section. As being section to WFDYS, we have to follow WFD’s process and make sure that YOMs are in recognised by OMs.


STEP 3: Statutes/Bylaws/Constitutions in English

International sign and English are official languages of WFD. We need to see your statutes/bylaws/constitution to make sure that aims of your association/section is in accordance with aims of WFDYS.  Send application and appendixes to info@wfdys.org OR by mail to (address of WFD office).

STEP 4: What will happen after you have sent application?

WFDYS will let you know when it has received your application. WFDYS will make sure that all necessary documents are at present. After that, your application will go to WFDYS board meeting for review. After this, WFD membership committee will approve or reject your application. Once this is done, WFDYS will let you know the result of your application progress. If there is some problem during the progress, WFDYS will contact you.