Membership Rights

By becoming a YOM, it entitles your Association/Section the following rights:
– Send delegates (participants/leaders) to all WFD Camps;
– Receive all information directly from the WFDYS and have direct communication access to the WFDYS;
– Voting rights at the Youth General Assembly.

Membership Fees

The annual fees for a Youth Ordinary Member are the following:

Group D (Low-income economies): No Fees
Group C (Lower-middle-income economies): No Fees
Group B (Upper-middle-income economies): 25 Euros (€)
Group A (High-income economies): 25 Euros (€)

We follow World Bank’s official list of World Development Report for Group A, B, C and D. Click here to see which group you are in.


The Purpose of the Membership Fees

The YOM fees will go to the work of the WFDYS which includes the following: website, publicity, camp planning, and support of developing countries’ participation in WFD Camps.

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