WHO Youth Council announcement

Hello to all the Deaf Youth all over the world

My name is Shirley, and I am the WFDYS President

We at WFDYS have a very important and special announcement to make to all our Deaf members, Deaf youth and other interested people throughout the world.

You may or may not be aware that WFDYS has made contact the WHO (World Health Organisation) and submitted an application that WFDYS be an active participant on the newly established WHO youth council.

The submission and application process has gone on for some time, and we are pleased to announce that we recently received confirmation and support from the WHO for WFDYS to have representation on the World Youth Council for a fixed term of two years.

This is very exciting. Shortly we will have an in-depth meeting with all our members to discuss this wonderful milestone and will discuss what it means being a part of the WHO youth council, and it’s strategies and plans moving forwards. 

We would like to acknowledge that this is a huge achievement and outcome for WFDYS and all the efforts that lead up to this stage.

One of the key aims for us is to focus on advocacy for health and its importance in impacting the Deaf youth. Focussing on how we can inform, how we can inform, shape, plan and strategise to have a positive influence.

Our role will be to provide a Deaf perspective and a disability perspective, looking closely at access and inclusion issues, and how we can more closely engage with the WHO because health is important.

We will provide you with further updates along the way after we have informed and discussed this with the YOM (youth ordinary members) group. 

I would further like thank everyone involved in progressing our work to be able to showcase and represent WFDYS in this forum.

 I am very proud of our work and efforts to date and wish to work in collaboration supporting all Deaf people and working in collaboration their organisations and agencies and working with hearing agencies and organisations to further develop and progress our causes.

Thank you