wfd_logoThe 17th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, 28 July – 2 August 2015.

The WFD World Congress, held every four years, is very important for the global deaf community. “Strengthening Human Diversity” is the theme for next year’s XVII WFD World Congress. First, its objective is to recognise deaf people as a part of human diversity and second, to recognise and strengthen diversity in every deaf community globally, including children, youth, senior citizens, women, LGTB people, deaf people with disabilities, deafblind people and CODAs, whether in developed or developing countries, and to continue working together in the areas of sign language, deaf studies, education, employment, accessibility, technology, health and bioethics.

The WFD World Congress is not only targeted to deaf people; it also welcomes everyone especially parents and families of deaf people, interpreters, specialized professionals who work with deaf people, and government officials having an interest in advancing the rights of the deaf community.

Istanbul is a city with an 8,000 year history and with diverse cultures. For the first time, the XVII WFD World Congress will be held in two continents. Istanbul’s unique location has one arm reaching out to Asia, and the other to Europe. It is easy to get around Istanbul via various means of public transportation such as going by boat, using the subway, by bus, and by taxi. The WFD World Congress Organising Committee looks forward to welcome you to Istanbul. It is now time for you to start making travel plans for 2015! See below for more information.



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