Ana Navas Serna, WFDYS Board member and the official contact person between the youth section of the WFD Regional Secretariat of Mexico Central America and the Caribbean Youth Section (RSMCAC-YS) and WFD Regional Secretariat for South America Youth Section (RSSA-YS).

Ana recently visited several Deaf Associations during her trip to South America give lectures about the WFDYS, its structure, work, aims, camps, etc. The associations and its youth sections were also encouraged to become Youth Ordinary Member (YOM) of the WFDYS. The WFDYS aim to receive more YOM applications.

Ana, on behalf of the WFDYS, would like to thank to the associations in South America for this kind of opportunity enabling Ana to meet old and new faces. Ana is more empowered with in-depth knowledge about South America now. The Deaf South American Youth Camp will be held in Uruguay this year and the WFDYS wish them all the best. The WFDYS board is always open to future requests on lectures and workshops anywhere in the world. Please feel free to contact us –


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