WFD Board with WFDYS President  Jenny Nilsson and  President of Swiss Federation of the DeafThe WFDYS was in Geneva, Switzerland for the 101st WFD board meeting. Jenny Nilsson, president of the WFDYS was involved in two working group meetings prior to the board meeting. The first one was with Krista Orama, the officer from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on disability. The talk was about the continuing cooperation. The second one was with the representative from World Health Organisation (WHO) about the definition of deafness and hearing loss and the cooperation between the WFD/WFDYS and WHO. We also had a fruitful meeting with WFD Liasion Officer, Robert about the future action plan in North Korea.

During the official WFD board meeting, the WFDYS made its report available about its activities since its last board meeting in Nairobi, Kenya and discussed with the board members about issues relating to the Youth Ordinary Member (YOM) and the WFD internal rules. We were cordially invited to have a reception at the Australian embassy in Geneva and met ambassador and several delegates there. The WFD board members were trained by the International Disability Alliance (IDA) on how to improve its human rights activities on the international level. The fruitful week was concluded with WFD/WFDYS delegates having lunch-seminar with officials from World Health Organisation (WHO) on the definition of “deafness and hearing loss” there WFD stressed the importance of Sign Language as official language and WFDYS about its activities on deaf children and youth around the world. The next WFDYS board meeting will be held in Hong Kong, China.

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