Stronger WFD presence at the 9th Session of the CRPD Committee with four people from both WFD and WFDYS at Geneva, Switzerland in April, which was successful.

1st DAY – WFD Human rights officer Eeva Tupi presents the opening session of the committee there they selects a new chairperson from Chile the first woman chairperson at the committee. A side-event by Paraguay disability organizations included Deaf association also they presented their alternative report for the committee.

2nd DAY – Joseph Murray presented the second day of the CPRD committee meeting with WFD and WFDYS delegation. The day began with the Paraguay government response on the committee members questions. An example on the questions raised is Deaf peoples in Paraguay are declined to vote the committee pressed the government to change the discrimination for deaf people in Paraguay. Joseph was happy to have a bigger WFD and WFDYS delegation presented this session with 4 members among with 3 deaf representants from Paraguay, El Salvador and Austria. 5 different sign languages were presented during the session.

3rd DAY – This morning was Joseph chairperson at the Australian side-event together with disability organizations from Australia. Then began the half day general discussion on women and girls with disabilities there WFDYS presented the WFD and WFDYS submission to the discussion “Deaf Women and Girls not Able to Enjoy Basic Human Rights”. There Jenny stressed the importance on gender specific statics, that Deaf women must express their life situations for themselves and the importance of Deaf women role models and leaders. One committee member expressed the interest on WFD and WFDYS work on Deaf women.

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