In May we established six Advisory Groups and a Media Team. It was a really great learning experience for us and we learned a lot through the process and made some improvements over time. Now, we have a couple available positions in Advisory Groups after a couple of people finished their contributions. We would like to thank them for their volunteer time and support of WFDYS. Please keep in mind that we promote the balance of genders, countries & races.

Climate Change (2/3):
Hello from the Climate Change Group, we are looking for two or three more people from Asia, South America, Central America or Oceania. (We encourage females to apply) who have passions, want to make a change in climate change, create innovative solutions and how to resolve issues.

Education (3):
Hello from the Education Group, we are looking for three more people from around the world who have passion or knowledge in education, create resources, organise some webinars and gather datas from our youths.

BIPOC (2):
Hello from the BIPOC Group, we are looking for two more people from Africa, Asia or Oceania who are interested in creating resources and raising awareness about intersectionality, racism and indigenous, run open discussions and share important information.

Women (3):
Hello from the Women Group, we are looking for three more people from around the world (we encourage people from Oceania, South America, Central America or Europe to apply) who are interested or have knowledges in women topics, creating resources, sharing information, create safe spaces for women to discuss issues and innovations.

Hello from the LGBTQIA+ Group, we are looking for one person (we encourage females and non-binary to apply) from around the world who are interested in creating resources, run open discussions, raise awareness, and eliminate sexual, genders, orientation discrimination.

Accessibility & Technology (1):
Hello from Accessibility & Technology Group, we are looking for one person from Europe who loves technology, has skills or knowledge in accessibility for information, creating resources & guides, innovation solutions, sharing information and tips.

Media Team (1):
Hello from the Media team, we want to look for one more person to join, who has skills in illustration and/or graphic design and editing videos. It would be a wonderful bonus if you have skills in working with social media platforms or websites.

Are you interested in applying? Yes?

Are you:

  • 18-30 years old
  • Deaf
  • Has the time and capacity to volunteer their time.
  • Can commit to the working group for a minimum of one year with a view to longer.

How to apply:

You can submit your application by either a video (maximum of 3 minutes) or text (maximum of 400 words) outlining:

  • Who are you?
  • Why you are interested in joining the working group and your experience with that field.
  • Share some examples of your professional experience (this can include work, involvement in a club, association or organization)


Deadline: Friday, 7 January 2022.

Any questions, you are welcome to contact Fernando ( or Ashley (