EUDY General Assembly 2011 in Madrid, Spain.

Jenny Nilsson and Jannicke Kvitvaer from WFDYS were represented as invited at EUDY´s general assembly in Madrid, October 22-24 2011. WFDYS and EUDY have a signed cooperation, which means that both boards, WFDYS and EUDY, shall be invited to each others board meetings, camps and general assemblies.

The general assembly in Madrid was well done with ‎22 countries represented, 100% of EUDY member countries. Delegates approved statutes and EUDY board is now changed from five board members to seven. Strategy plan for two years and action plan were also approved. Albania and Bulgaria are new members of EUDY. There were presented EUDY summer school, which is perhaps going to be held in summer 2012. Bosnia is host for the EUDY youth camp and general assembly 2012. Albania is arranging EUDY children camp 2013. And Germany won the bid about general assembly 2013. The EUDY board for 2012-2013 is now consist of Philippa Merricks (UK, president), Dennis Hoogeveen (The Netherlands), Netta Keski-Levijoki (Finland), Delphine le Maire (Belgium), Alexandra Kotsaki (Greece), Alejandro Fernández Segura (Spain) and Davy Mariotti (Italy).

WFDYS wish the new board of EUDY good luck with the working forward.

Delphine le Maire (Belgium), Alexandra Kotsaki (Greece) and Netta Keski-Levijoki (Finland) and the re]electing Dennis Hoogeveen (the Netherlands) and Philippa Merricks (UK) for another term. Alongside with two current board members, Davy Mariotti (Italy) and Alejandro Fernandez Segura (Spain).

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