lec_boliviaBefore the board meeting in Santiago, Chile, WFDYS had the opportunity to attend the 1st Youth Seminar held by the Youth Section of the Bolivian Federation of the Deaf, called FEBOJS. The Seminar took place in Sucre during 17th-19th April 2014. Ana Navas, WFDYS board member, gave lectures and workshops about several topics like WFDYS and its advocacy work, also about the UN CRPD and leadership, for forty young participants from different departments of Bolivia. Congratulations to FEBOJS for becoming one of Youth Ordinary Member of the WFDYS shortly thereafter.

The 24th WFDYS board meeting was held in Santiago, Chile, 21 – 27 April 2014. We discussed about the preparations for the WFDYS General Assembly 2015 in Istanbul and we also focused on drawing up the action plan for the new WFDYS Board (2015 – 2019). We also reviewed and updated our guidelines to make it more straightforward. A few new points in our internal rules have been submitted to the WFD Board for final approval.

In between our busy schedule, we visited two deaf schools in Santiago and Valpariso and presented the Human Rights, the UN CRPD, leadership, global youth movement and advocacy work at another Youth Seminar in Chile. A special thanks go to Chile Federation of the Deaf and the Chile Federation of the Deaf Youth Section for successfully hosting the 24th WFDYS board meeting and to the Youth Section of Bolivian Federation of the Deaf for organising the first ever Youth Seminar in Bolivia.